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Join us in congratulating the 2022 Beacon Award recipients!

Personal Achievement — Sandy Meneley ’68

Sandy Meneley ?68 Now in her 70s, Sandy Meneley ’68 has transformed herself into an elite endurance athlete and is a nationally-ranked triathlete and duathlete. She finished fourth place in her age group at the premier Ironman World Championship in Kona (Big Island of Hawaii), and her impressive training regimen has included 100-mile bike rides, 3 hour runs, and 2.5-mile swims in the Gulf of Mexico. Ms. Meneley is based in Holmes Beach, Fla. She received her degree in physical education and is married to Mahlon (“Fuzz”) Meneley ’68.

Thank you to Tim Yanachek ’68 for the nomination, and congratulations again to Ms. Meneley!

Professional Achievement — Jacquelyn Drummer ’71

Jacquelyn Drummer ?71 Jacquelyn Drummer ’71 has had an influential career developing and implementing programs for talented and gifted students in the state of Wisconsin. In addition to launching her own programs, she has provided training and consultation to hundreds of teachers and school administrators, and has lobbied on Capitol Hill for increased funding to support Wisconsin students. She currently sits on the board of the Wisconsin Association for Talented and Gifted and is based in Milwaukee, Wis.

Thank you to Jodee Liedtke ’72 for the nomination, and congratulations again to Ms. Drummer!

Outstanding Service and Leadership — Sarah Ott ’08

Sarah Ott ?08 Sarah Ott ’08 spearheaded a movement to curb gun violence as the chief strategy officer for the City of Davenport, Iowa, a metro area of 100,000+ people. Through a unique strategy called group violence intervention — which brings together various partners within the community, including the police force, social agencies, mental health workers, and community and educational leaders — Ms. Ott has brought hope to a city besieged by gun violence.

Thank you to Steve Ott ’07 for the nomination, and congratulations again to Ms. Ott!

Young Alumni Outstanding Achievement —
Zachary Butera ’16

Zachary Butera ?16 Zachary Butera ’16 forged his own path in the gaming and esports industries. During his time at ASUS North America, a global tech company, he worked with Gamers Outreach to donate over 200 monitors to children in hospitals across America so that the children may experience accessible gaming. Mr. Butera also routinely supports esports tournaments across the United States and Canada.

Congratulations again to Mr. Butera for showing young alumni how far your impact can go!