Students work on computers in the Mac Lab in Hedberg Library.
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If you’ve noticed your device(s) flipping back and fourth between Carthage-Open and Carthage-Secure, we recommend forgetting one of the two from your device’s list of known networks.

See instructions on how to forget a network.

If at any point you’ve tried to connect to both Wi-Fi offerings without forgetting one of them, your device will store them and decide to change between them on its own. While this does not impact your connection to the internet, good Wi-Fi housekeeping and best practices would include only keeping one of them in your list of known networks. You should also remove or forget any wireless networks your device is storing that are no longer used.

It is recommended to connect laptops, mobile phones, and tablets to Carthage-Secure, all other Wi-Fi devices will likely only connect to Carthage-Open. The only exceptions to this rule is that Chromebook laptops and Pixel phones will only connect to Carthage-Open because of the proprietary Chrome operating system.

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