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July 02, 2019

Nicholas Bartel
Carthage College
Major: Physics
Minor: Computer Science

Congratulations to Nicholas Bartel, this week’s #WSGCStudentSpotlight! Nicholas is the recipient of a NASA Internship and a two-time recipient of an Undergraduate Scholarship. He has participated in the Midwest and Collegiate Rocket competitions. In addition, he’s been a member of Carthage College’s Modal Propellant Gauging and CaNOP team projects since fall of 2016!

Nicholas is currently an undergraduate senior studying at Carthage College, where he’s been involved in aerospace projects since his arrival as a freshman in 2016. His first project was Carthage’s Canopy Near-Infrared Observing Project (CaNOP). There, Nicholas worked on the Attitude Determination and Control System (ADCS), which orients the satellite in orbit. The satellite will be launched into orbit this fall! In 2017, Nicholas joined the Modal Propellant Gauging project (MPG), a collaboration between NASA’s Kennedy Space Center and Carthage College, and is currently the electrical lead. Their goal is to develop a high-resolution fuel gauging technology that can be used in microgravity. This summer, Nicholas will be a Research Associate at the NASA Langley Academy, a title that carries a higher level of responsibility than a normal NASA intern.

Nicholas’ interest in physics began in middle school when he wanted to build an RC helicopter, but didn’t hold the skills or knowledge to do so; this childhood curiosity and his can-do attitude has led Nicholas on a rewarding journey toward math and physics.

Congratulations Nicholas Bartel and best of luck to you moving forward!

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