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June 19, 2019

Nicole Jackson
Milwaukee School of Engineering
Major: Electrical Engineering
Minor: Physics

Nicole Jackson is a third-time recipient of an Undergraduate Scholarship, two-time Collegiate Rocket Launch competitor, and member of the 2018 Elijah Balloon High-Altitude Balloon program.  Nicole is studying at the Milwaukee School of Engineering, and has been selected for this week’s #WSGCStudentSpotlight!

Nicole Jackson is currently attending the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE), where she is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering. Her interest in space and aviation began in her high school aviation club, where she became president, leading a team of eleven other students to complete a Van’s RV-12 airplane. In the summer of 2016, Nicole obtained her pilot’s license in a plane she also helped build. Nicole was also an active participant in the Collegiate Rocket Launch program from 2017 to 2018, where she was introduced to rocketry; and was selected as an Elijah Balloon Research Fellowship award winner in 2018.

In the future, Nicole hopes to give back to the aviation community, following in the steps of her club’s mentor to teach others about aviation. With decreasing youth involvement in General Aviation, Nicole wants to help get them excited to fly.

Congratulations Nicole Jackson, and best of luck to you in your future studies!

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