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Summer STEM Youth Programs

May 15, 2018


The African American Ethnic Academy and the BioPharmaceutical Technology Center Institute (BTC Institute), both 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organizations, have collaborated for over 20 years to offer A Celebration of Life, a summer science program for upper elementary and middle school students. Open to all students, an important goal of this partnership is to support underserved students’ interest in the life sciences and provide them with the tools for success in school

In addition to developing knowledge and abilities associated with scientific investigations in field and laboratory settings (e.g. formulating and testing hypotheses, utilizing problem-solving skills, learning and demonstrating correct techniques), students are challenged to develop their communication skills (e.g. through teamwork, journals, presentations to parents and family members). They are also encouraged to express and develop their creativity in numerous ways. Information regarding African-American scientists throughout history is shared, and role models of color are key players in program activities.

Summer 2018 Dates

I. Grades 3-5: June 11 - 15, 8:30-12:00, M-F mornings; ($100)
II. Grades 6-8: June 18 - 29 , 8:30-12:00, M-F mornings; ($180)

Air Camp is a weeklong aviation immersion experience open to ages 13-16 hosted by volunteers from Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 1158, located at the West Bend, WI airport. If you have any interest in aviation, Air Camp is for you. The schedule includes a balance of actual flight time, hands-on aircraft building techniques, tours of local aviation facilities and some classroom time. Check out a short video at:

Date: June 18-25
Cost: $310


UW-Green Bay’s Youth Camps, in partnership with CAVU Aviation, Inc., is offering a one-day aviation experience for campers ages 12-17. This training experience will be off-site at the Green Bay Austin Straubel Airport, headquartered at Tailwind Flight Center.

Participants will learn about the basic aerodynamic principles involved in how an aircraft flies, the training needed to become a pilot and career opportunities in aviation. Facility tours will include the Green Bay control tower and radar center*, corporate jet facilities, CAVU Flight Academy, and the National Weather Service*.

Each participant will also have the opportunity to take a discovery flight in a training aircraft with a FAA Certificated Flight Instructor.

NOTE: All Discovery flights will be conducted by an FAA Certificated Flight Instructor.

*GRB is a working airport and no tours are guaranteed until the day of the event. All tours are provided on a contingency basis.

Dates:  June 15, 2018
Cost:  $100


The emerging field of Biomedical engineering deals with the application of engineering principles and design concepts to medicine and biology for healthcare purposes. Closing the gap between engineering and life sciences, this is an exciting intersection of two classic industries: health and mechanical engineering. This camp will consist of two workshops: Hitting the Funny Bone and I Spy, My Eye™ Please bring a bag lunch and drink. Students can register for Half Day camp: $139 (AM or PM) or Full Day: $269.

Biomedical Engineering Camp FULL day and HALF day camps for ages 8-14:

fullHitting the Funny Bone and I Spy, My Eye-Full Day; 9:00am - 4:00pm (please bring bag lunch and drink), $269

halfHitting the Funny Bone-Half Day; 9:00am - 12:00pm, $139

halfI Spy, My Eye-Half Day; 1:00pm-4:00pm, $139


Our Classic Engineering camp showcases two important fields of engineering that have fueled development over the last few centuries through the industrial revolution, civic infrastructure projects, access to clean water, human flight, and reach outside planet Earth. The discoveries and inventions continue to shape our worlds. We will head out of the classroom to see firsthand how both civil and environmental engineers work! This camp consists of two workshops, Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering; advanced content is provided for ages 11-14. Students can register for Half Day camp: $139 (AM or PM) or Full day: $269.

Classic Engineering Camp FULL day and HALF day camps for ages 8-14:

full Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering-Full Day; 9:00am-4:00pm (please bring bag lunch and drink), $269

halfCivil Engineering-Half Day; 9:00am-12:00pm, $139

halfEnvironmental Engineering-Half Day; 1:00pm-4:00pm, $139


Imagine Mars – Design a Future Colony on Mars (grades 4-6)
July 23-27 | $275
Camp participants will study the planet Mars with a local space educator and design a future Mars community with the help of Taliesin educators and visiting guest speakers. Students will tour the main buildings and natural landscapes of Taliesin and learn about Wright’s principles of organic architecture and his futuristic concept of Broadacre City. At the end of the project week, the students create an exhibition with their 2D plans and 3D models for an imaginary colony on Mars. This camp is based on a NASA designed outreach program called: Imagine Mars.  No prerequisites necessary. Lunch, tour of the estate and materials included.


 One of the oldest and broadest fields of engineering, Mechanical deals with design and production of machine and tools. It fueled the industrial revolution and today mechanical engineers are pursuing developments in biomedics, nanotechnology, and mechatronics. Participants venture into the land of mechanics in this exciting series of hands-on / minds-on programs. This camp consists of two workshop programs, Motion Commotion™ and Animal Frenzy™; advanced content is provided in workshops for ages 11-14. Please bring a bag lunch and drink. Students can register for Half Day camp: $139 (AM or PM) or Full Day camp: $269.

Mechanical Engineering Camp FULL day or HALF day camps for ages 8-14:

fullAnimal Frenzy™ and Motion Commotion™-Full Day; 9:00am - 4:00pm (please bring bag lunch and drink), $269

halfAnimal Frenzy™-Half Day; 9:00am - 12:00pm, $139

halfMotion Commotion™-Half Day; 1:00pm-4:00pm, $139

Click here to go to Mechanical Engineering Camp registration page!


STEM Forward has compiled a list of top STEM summer camps and classes for students of all ages in southeastern Wisconsin. These programs and/or courses will keep your children entertained and enhance their skills in science, technology, engineering and math.

S.T.E.M. IT!:  Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math in Transportation
June 25-29, 2018 @ Cardinal Stritch University, Glendale, WI
Day Camp:  $175, Residential: $375

STEPS:  Science, Technology, & Engineering Preview Summer Camp (Full for Summer 2017)
Science, Technology and Engineering Preview Summer (STEPS) at UW-Stout is a five-day summer camp for girls between their 6th and 7th grades in school. STEPS for Girls aims to build confidence in young women by structuring their participation in STEM-related activities. The hands-on activities and the high-energy environment are designed to inspire both confidence and enthusiasm.

Welcome to another summer of exploration and discovery!  At the Kickapoo Valley Reserve’s Summer Adventure Day Camps children will explore the trails, wetlands and woods with our experienced, caring naturalists who help your child foster positive connections with nature. Hands-on activities, high outdoor adventure and new friends await your child as they experience the outdoor world at its best.


High school students have an opportunity to see first-hand the numerous career opportunities that a degree in Engineering can offer! This is the perfect venue for high school students who want to become an engineer, but are not sure what exact field they would like to enter. This year, we have added a leadership building component to the camp! Students will learn about the fields of engineering from local engineers and engineering students, participate in engineering design projects, and visit local businesses to observe engineers at work. For one week, visit a different local company each day, tour their facility, and speak with their engineers to learn what their day entails and how they landed their job position. Explore civil, electrical, industrial/manufacturing, mechanical, material, and architectural engineering.

Please visit our website for registration information.

Students may enroll for one EGR elective college credit or they may enroll for non-credit. Please visit our website for more information.

Enrollment with one EGR elective credit $499; without credit $299. Space is limited.


EAA’s Women Soar You Soar is the ideal place to provide inspiration to the next wave of pilots, airport managers, mechanics, and engineers.

Women Soar You Soar is a daily aviation experience for girls grades 9-12 and strives to engage, inspire, and educate young women to pursue their dreams in aviation and beyond. Held every July at AirVenture, this unique day camp introduces girls to strong women mentors – from engineers to pilots – who are working in a variety of aviation and aerospace fields. Over four days, the girls will explore career options, make discoveries, find new inspirations, and have a ton of fun!

Summer 2018 Dates:  July 22 - July 25
Girls Grades 9-12
Cost:  $100

August 6-10, 2018 at Batten International Airport, Racine, WI
Ages: 14-18


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