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April 07, 2017


Tyler Rasmussen


University of Wisconsin- Fox Valley

Major: Mechanical Engineering


Tyler Rasmussen is a Sophomore studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Wisconsin- Fox Valley. He received a 2016 Elijah Balloon Project Award. Tyler has been chosen to be this weeks #WSGCStudentSpotlight!

Tyler found out about the Elijah Balloon Launch Program from one of his professors in February of 2016. Shortly after hearing about it, Tyler, not only became interested in the potential that he could add his knowledge to the program, but also was looking forward to the valuable knowledge that can be gained from working on the program.

From a young age Mr. Rasmussen has been interested in science and different experiences like launching rockets and building rock dams. He knew that he was mechanically inclined when he could take things apart and put them back together with ease. Even Tyler’s neighbors would call him and ask him to put different item, that needed to be assembled, together.

Tyler feels the Elijah Balloon program will benefit from another person who has the ability to critically think and solve problems. He is ready to help tackle any problems that may arise. After achieving his mechanical engineering degree, Tyler plans to further his education and pursue a degree in aerospace Engineering with an emphasis in Astrophysics.

Alongside his studies in engineering, Tyler Rasmussen also works to recover parcels at the Austin Straubel and Appleton International Airports. Mr. Rasmussen has also been elected the 2016-17 president of the Chemistry Club on his campus and is also a part of the Engineering Club. In his free time, he uses his mechanical aptitude to customize his car.


Congratulations to Tyler and good luck in your research!

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