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March 31, 2017

Ian Jasso


University of Wisconsin-Sheboygan

Major: Biochemistry

Ian Jasso is a Junior studying Biochemistry at the University of Wisconsin-Sheboygan. He received a 2016 Undergraduate Scholarship. Ian has been chosen to be this weeks #WSGCStudentSpotlight!

Alongside his major in Biochemistry, Mr. Jasso has extensive experience from a local environmental laboratory where he analyzed industrial water samples. The water testing experience that Ian received during his time at the laboratory revolved around applying chemistry and biochemistry techniques to concentrations and the presence of Earth metals. Using titrimetric, gravimetric, and spectroscopic techniques, Ian found values that helped to determine the toxicity of water once it enters local waterways. Knowledge of these techniques has provided Mr. Jasso with inspiration to help find ways of eliminating those toxic compounds from entering local waterways.

Ian believes that the ability to completely filter toxic compounds out of water is an essential ingredient to the recipe of space exploration and planetary colonization. The project that Ian is working on includes devising a strategy to purify water on a massive stage given a limited supply. His knowledge of water filtration has been a key skill in working on this project. The goals that Mr. Jasso has been working to reach would help extensive space exploration and planetary colonization become more of a reality.

Congratulations to Ian and good luck in your research!

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