Student in a nursing lab.
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Carthage is launching a new competitive scholarship: a full-tuition Nursing Scholarship that will be awarded to one incoming student in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program.

Available to those entering in fall 2023, this scholarship will be awarded to a promising student who exhibits a desire for excellence in the field and A nursing major practices skills in the nursing lab. compassionate, quality patient care. Carthage awards more than $2 million each year in its various scholarship competitions.

Nursing has grown into Carthage’s most popular major. The nursing curriculum is designed to create the next generation of ethical, compassionate, and confident nursing professionals.

The deadline to apply is Nov. 7, 2022. If selected, candidates will be invited to the on-campus competition on Nov. 19, where they will complete a conversation with a member of the Carthage nursing faculty and complete a short essay.

Learn more and apply for the Nursing Scholarship