Prof. Rebekah Johnson and five Carthage seniors presented at the 2022 Wisconsin Health and Physic...
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Professor Rebekah Johnson and five students from Carthage’s Exercise and Sport Science Department attended the Wisconsin Health and Physical Education Conference on Oct. 26-28, in Wisconsin Dells.

Over 700 health and physical education teachers from across the state gathered at the conference to engage in professional development. Prof. Johnson presented two sessions for the higher education division, a roundtable discussion, and a poster presentation.

Lily Stockheimer ’23, Elijah Newhouse ’23, Peyton Quillin ’23, Alex McNall ’23, and Tristan Fitzgerald ’23 presented a session titled: “How Important is Fun in PE? A Deep Dive into the Affective Domain” to 25 current and future physical education professionals. Attendees left the session with strategies and resources to teach and assess learning in the affective domain in K-12 physical education.

Front row (left to right): Elijah Newhouse ?23 and Lily Stockheimer ?23. Back row (left to right)... Front row (left to right): Elijah Newhouse ’23 and Lily Stockheimer ’23. Back row (left to right): Peyton Quillin ’23, Tristan Fitzgerald ’23, Alex McNall ’23, and Prof. Rebekah Johnson

The Wisconsin Health and Physical Education Association awarded Prof. Johnson the University PE Teacher of the Year for 2022. Lily and Alex presented the award to Prof. Johnson during the annual awards banquet. Award recipients must conduct a quality physical education program that reflects the use of standards, multiple methodologies in teaching, personal professional development participation, leadership within the profession, and serving as a positive role model.

As future health and physical education professionals, the Carthage students were able to experience the state’s most prestigious physical education professional development conference.

“It was a great opportunity to learn from different professionals’ experiences from around the state,” said Lily. “I can’t wait to go back next year as a first-year teacher.”

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