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Katie Layendecker ’25 Costa Rica J-Term Blog #1

We had a long day of travel, setting off from Chicago to Houston. Excitement was high for all 19 of us Carthage students! I had the pleasure of sitting with some of my friends on our way to Houston, as well as sitting in a window seat — which is always a bonus on a flight.

Students traveling by plane to Costa Rica.

Then, we made sure to take a nice photo from the airport in Houston as we were all packed and ready to go to San Jose, Costa Rica.

Students at the airport in Houston preparing to fly to Costa Rica.

Students on a plane to San Jose, Costa Rica.

We landed safe and sound, made our way through customs, and headed to the hotel. All in all, it was a good, smooth day of travel. More excitement is to come as we begin our study tour in Costa Rica! Stay tuned!

— Katie Layendecker ’25

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