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The College is gearing up for a very exciting spring semester as we implement additional Workday modules to enhance the student experience at Carthage. Specifically, students will register in Workday for the fall 2023 semester.

To support these activities, the Workday Student project team will engage with the campus community to raise awareness, build excitement, and develop the skills needed to work in the new modules. These engagement opportunities include demonstrations, training, and open labs.

Provided below are short descriptions of the engagement opportunities as well as a timeline for the spring 2023 semester. More specific details (dates, times, and locations) will be shared in the coming weeks.

Spring 2023 Workday Timeline


Starting in February, faculty, staff, and students will be invited to Workday Student demonstrations. The project team will showcase functionality that increases efficiencies, enhances user experiences, and improves collaboration across multiple departments. Functionality that improves the student experience related to course registration, financial aid, and academic planning will also be highlighted.


Starting in April, formal Workday training will be provided to faculty, staff, and students through a variety of methods including:

  • Instructor-led (face-to-face) workshops that include hands-on activities
  • Short videos that are specific to a task/action
  • Written training aides for self-directed learning

Training will focus on the activities expected during spring 2023 (e.g. registration and financial aid). Training will continue throughout the summer and fall of 2023 based on the academic calendar, events, and activities (e.g., course scheduling, grading, advising).

Open Labs

The project team will host open labs during the weeks of April 17, April 24, and May 1 to help students through the fall 2023 registration process in Workday. Virtual Zoom sessions will also be available for remote assistance.