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Nina Werger ’24 Tanzania J-Term Blog #2

Students on a safari in Serengeti.

Hello again from Tanzania, and welcome to the Serengeti (and the set of “The Lion King”)! We began our two-day safari in Tarangire National Park, leaving bright and early at 5 a.m. to catch the wildlife.

Tarangire National Park

Once inside, we began our African adventure by driving into the terrain and almost immediately seeing antelope, zebras, warthogs, and much more.

Student see antelope on a safari in Serengeti.

As we got farther into the terrain, we spotted lions, elephants, giraffes, and many baby animals.

Elephants in the Serengeti.

Lions in the Serengeti.

We stopped for lunch at a picnic site inside the park where there were little monkeys everywhere! They were very cute and would climb on our trucks and tables. They wanted our food so much that they stole our bananas! We learned quickly that they were cute but hungry!

Little monkeys in the Serengeti.

In the afternoon, we visited a local Maasai Tribe that lives in the Serengeti. We learned about their culture, religion, and education system. The Maasai are a very traditional tribe that choose to live their way of life despite not having access to modern culture.

Maasai Tribe

— Nina Werger ’24


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