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Willow Newell ’25 Tanzania J-Term Blog #1

On Jan. 16, our very first morning in Tanzania, we woke up in Moshi at the beautiful Panama resort. We were served a breakfast of fresh tropical fruits and ventured to one of Tanzania’s famous waterfalls near Mount Kilimanjaro. There, not only did we learn about the Masai Tribe, discover ancient underground caves, and acquire handmade trinkets, but we also hiked down to the Ndoro Waterfalls, where we were served a traditional African lunch by the Chagga people. 

Students encounter wildlife during their hike to Ndoro Waterfall.

Our night at the New Aicc Club was a vibrant opportunity for us to decompress from an otherwise intense but insightful day of learning and engaging with the students of Tumaini University in Makumira Village. It was honorific to attend the alma mater of Carthage Professor Andrea Ng’weshemi and to be entertained by the energetic and synchronized Tanzanian performers at the cultural arts center. We were introduced to traditional African song and dance, and got to listen to a lecture on the importance of the Lutheran church’s impact and foundation of Africa.

Makumira Village

We paired off with students of Tumaini, discussing the differences in study of Africa vs the United States. Both groups found no difference in the excitement to plant trees, which will be a lasting symbol of our short but meaningful day with the college students of Arusha Tanzania.

— Willow Newell ’25


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