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Two community members hold a mock interview for a Carthage education student.

The Education Department recently held its biannual mock interviews for senior education majors. The mock interviews fulfill an Education Department requirement for students prior to student teaching.

Interviews were led by education faculty and friends of the department, including school administrators, principals, and current and retired educators from local school districts in Wisconsin and Illinois.

The education majors were able to ask questions about carrying out a successful interview post-graduation.

Two community members hold a mock interview for a Carthage education student.

“I found the mock interviews to be extremely helpful in preparing me for what a real interview will be like,” says education major Katherine Worsham ’23. “The two educators from the community who interviewed me were able to give me constructive feedback on what I should do in the future and answer any questions I had.”

The mock interviews simulate a real interview from start to finish, with everything from dress to introductions to questions. Each interview was led by one Carthage education faculty member and one community member. Afterward, the faculty member completed an assessment of the interview with the student to review and tips to improve.

Two community members hold a mock interview for a Carthage education student. “The mock interviews serve as a prelude to their first step of beginning their career in the field of education,” says Frances Chatman, director of student teaching. “We are very proud of our education students and want them to be successful. Therefore, we strive to prepare candidates to interview well and to represent Carthage College with integrity.”

Many of the community members who participate in the mock interviews are Carthage alumni or have hired Carthage education students at their schools. Some, however, are simply passionate about education and want to help teacher candidates, such as Shane Gayle, principal of Washington Middle School in Kenosha.

“I had the privilege of hosting mock interviews and witnessing the passing of the baton of wisdom from veteran educators to new educators,” says Mr. Gayle. “Carthage does a great job preparing students up to this point, and now it is our responsibility as established educators to welcome them with open arms into a field they are now qualified for.”

The Education Department will soon hold the next mock interviews for the spring semester, with returning and new community interviewers.

Students like Katherine will be able to practice their interview skills and get their foot in the door at different places of education.

“The mock interviews were a great experience, and everyone who participated feels a little more prepared to go into the teaching world after graduation,” says Katherine.