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The Carthage Sports Management Think Tank is launching its inaugural project, a feasibility study that seeks to explore how a hypothetical professional women’s soccer franchise could develop and succeed in Milwaukee, Wis.

Developed by professors Carter Rockhill and Jon Bruning, the Sports Management Think Tank seeks to bring together students, faculty, and practitioners in the industry into one space to research, discuss, and explore innovative solutions, ideas, and practices within the sports industry.


Any students, faculty, or staff interested in being a part of this project are encouraged to email professors Carter Rockhill ( and/or Jon Bruning ( We are planning on an initial organizational meeting later this week.

About the project

With this inaugural project, the Think Tank is looking to investigate new opportunities connected to the impending construction of a multi-purpose soccer stadium within Milwaukee’s “Iron District.” Through this project, students, led by Prof. Rockhill and Prof. Bruning, will research and analyze the necessary steps for designing, developing, branding, and promoting an expansion professional women’s soccer franchise in Milwaukee.

This project and the Think Tank are not affiliated with any class. It is an opportunity for any student or faculty member who is interested in conducting collaborative research with sports business practitioners to engage in a unique project that seeks to provide new perspective on the sports industry. Inter-disciplinary participation is encouraged!