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Chemistry majors now have the option to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree at Carthage.

The new B.S. track is approved by the American Chemical Society, the largest and most internationally recognized professional organization for chemists. Carthage’s traditional Bachelor of Arts degree also remains available to chemistry students.

Listed below are some of the main differences between the two chemistry degrees:

Bachelor of Science

This option is ideal for students interested in research and planning to seek advanced degrees in chemistry after graduation. Offering additional hands-on experience and a deeper dive into the science, it may also be helpful for students seeking industry jobs right after graduation.

Bachelor of Arts

This option provides more flexibility to take courses outside of chemistry. The versatility makes it ideal for students in the Pre-Health Advising Program, those pursuing careers in education and business, and students pursuing multiple majors or minors.

No matter which degree path chemistry students take at Carthage, they can conduct original research with a professor. While the Bachelor of Science degree may be ideal for students seeking postgraduate work, the Bachelor of the Arts applies to all career endeavors.