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Happy April! We are happy to report that we are slightly ahead of schedule with our Workday Student implementation.

After several months of project activities, we are so excited for you and the students to finally have access to the new functionality in Workday. To support a seamless transition and a successful fall 2023 registration period, we need your help!

The Week of April 10

On Tuesday, April 11, we are hosting a soft launch for interested students to get a jump start of the fall 2023 registration activities. Students have been invited to join us to create a saved schedule and explore some of the new functionality in Workday. This will give us an opportunity to validate student access and start spreading the word. Registration for this is event is full.

At the end of the week of April 10 and the beginning of the following week — April 13, Noon (Zoom) and April 17, Noon (Zoom) — we will demo the Workday registration process from the students’ perspective. This will give faculty and staff the opportunity to ask questions related to the student experience.

The Week of April 17

During the week of April 17, we will have “pop-up” locations around campus to help students create a saved schedule. This is functionality in Workday that our students did not have in the myCarthage portal. Creating a saved schedule will give the students a jump start on registration, but it does not register the student. Students still need to take action during registration week to secure their courses for fall. Please also note, a student is not required to create a saved schedule to register. Encourage your students to follow the smell of popcorn, speak to a Carthage colleague, and create a saved schedule.

Time Monday,
April 17
April 18
April 19
April 20
April 21
11 a.m.-2 p.m. TWC Jockey B Clausen Straz Lobby TWC Jockey B TWC Jockey B
6-8 p.m. N/A CSU Lobby N/A CSU Lobby N/A

The Week of April 24

Fall 2023 registration begins on Monday, April 24. Representatives from the Office of the Registrar and the Workday project team will be available all week to support students who have registration questions, Workday questions, or need additional guidance — more details to follow in the coming weeks. Please note, students who previously created a saved schedule need to go back into Workday to register. Creating a saved schedule is not the same as registering for fall courses. Faculty will also have the new Teaching Dashboard to monitor enrollment in your courses.

As a friendly reminder, until we transition over to using Workday fully, we will still use CX/MyCarthage for some functionality. In May, faculty will submit final grades for spring 2023 courses in and close the term as usual in Summer courses will still use, and grading will happen in

In September, we will be live in Workday fully, and goes away. Additional training opportunities will be offered in August and throughout the fall term.