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Dear Firebirds,

The time is near for new and exciting upgrades at Carthage!

As you may already know, the College has been working for the last three years to make the switch from our old operating system, that you may know as, to Workday. This has taken a lot of time and talent to pull off, and for that, we are very thankful for the students, faculty, and staff who have been a part of the project. The end goal is to provide our students with the best user experience that we can. Workday is a leader among operating systems, and we are excited about all it will bring to students and the College.

Because of these exciting upgrades, we have had to adopt a timeline that pushes a few activities back that you normally would interact with in the spring by about three weeks. Activities, including course registration, tuition and fees, billing, and aid packages, are all interconnected and will require a few more weeks to ensure they are accurate and ready for launch. We wanted to make sure that you knew about this adjusted timeline so as not to think that you missed something!

Registration for fall 2023 will take place the last week of April. Once you are registered, your bill, tuition, fees, and aid packages based on that registration will be available in Workday early in May. Students will be able to start paying their fall 2023 tuition starting in June when check-in activities open for the campus community.

In the meantime, please make sure that you are meeting with your advisor, filling out your FAFSA form, and turning in your housing applications. If you have those items set, you will be ready to go when we are able to turn on the new system. Additionally, it will be important to make sure that you are keeping an eye on your email for information detailing how you can access Workday to create a saved schedule prior to your registration day and time. We will walk you through it step by step. In the weeks ahead, please watch for email messages, Bridge posts, and other communication about in-person opportunities to work with college staff on how to use Workday.

Also, please make sure to share this information with your parents and support networks that you interact with. We want to make sure that they are informed about the upgrades, timelines, and changes on campus.

This is an exciting time for the College community and an exciting time to be a Firebird!