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The message below contains significant information related to registration for the fall semester. Please read through this carefully and please let us know if you have any questions.

Fall 2023 registration

Registration days and times for fall 2023 registration are now posted in Workday!
See instructions on how you can view your registration day and time

Reminder, registration week is the week of April 24.

We also want to update you on a change to how registration times are determined for this registration period. Previously, each day, a different group of students would be eligible to register based on their class standing, and the time that they received for their day was randomized. For this registration period, students will still have different days assigned to them based on class standing; however, each day, registration will open at 8 a.m. for all students who are assigned to that specific day. The current class standing that you have is what is used to determine your assigned day. Class standing does not factor in what you are in progress of completing.

Create a saved schedule

A new feature with Workday is the ability for students to create a saved schedule to fast-track registration. Creating a saved schedule is not required for registration; however, it can help you organize the courses you would like to register for. Starting Monday, April 17, we will have open labs for students to get help creating a saved schedule. Please note, if you create a saved schedule, you still will need to go into Workday and register for your courses the week of April 24 on your assigned day. Creating a saved schedule also does not guarantee you a spot in the course.

Watch a demonstration video on how to create a saved schedule

Get help creating your saved schedule at our open labs. The available days for you to sign up are Monday, April 17; Thursday, April 20; and Friday, April 21.

Sign up to attend an open lab

If you can’t attend any of the dates on the sign-up form, there are other days you can get help with a saved schedule. 

See upcoming open labs and additional training materials

During the week of April 24, which is registration week, you will be able to stop into Lentz Hall on the fourth floor as usual to get help with any registration questions.

For More Information, Contact: