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All vehicles parked in Carthage lots are required to have a valid permit. Student parking permits for the 2023-24 academic year may be obtained via the Parking Permit Portal.

Residential students

Annual resident student parking lots for the 2023-24 academic year are:

  • 35th Street Lot — $275
  • 14th Avenue Lot — $275
  • Tennis Center Lot — $650
  • Apartment Lot (17th Street) — $750
  • Pike River Lot — $1,100
  • South Lower Lot — $1,600

The Tennis Center Lot, 14th Avenue Lot, and 35th Street Lot are all serviced by the Parking Lot Shuttle.

Commuter students

Commuting students enrolled for 12 credits can choose from the following parking options:

  • Off-campus commuter lot* — $250
  • On-campus commuter lot (South Lower Lot or North Lot) — $450

*The off-campus commuter lot is serviced by the Parking Lot Shuttle.

See the campus parking map

Permits will be distributed to students as they arrive on campus. Any permit not claimed by the first day of the academic term may be redistributed and the registration voided with any payments made toward the permit purchase credited to the student’s account.

Students planning to participate in an internship, observation hours, or enroll in any program that will require them to maintain a vehicle on campus at any time during the next academic year are strongly encouraged to register for a parking permit in advance.

If you have any questions regarding parking permits, please send an email to