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Do you have a problem? The Carthage Faculty Innovation Grant (FIG) Program seeks teams of two or more faculty members to develop and implement innovative solutions to problems in your community.

FIGs are available for 6-month development efforts (STEP 1) that result in one or more deliverables as defined below. The purpose of the FIG Program is to build sustainable entrepreneurial efforts that lead to implementation of innovative solutions to problems that matter in your community. Successful project teams will be invited to expand and scale their efforts in a follow-on funding program (STEP 2) that develops student entrepreneurship in multidisciplinary teams. A cycle of STEP 1/STEP 2 funding can last 12-18 months and be awarded up to $10k.

Eligibility: Full-time Carthage faculty on tenure-track or on multi-year contracts with at least one year remaining on contract at application due date are eligible to propose as project leads. At least two faculty who meet the eligibility criteria for project leads must be identified on the STEP 1 proposal. Part-time staff and faculty are eligible to participate as part of the project team but cannot serve as project leads.

Award Levels and Numbers: STEP 1 Award: $3-5k. STEP 2 Award: $5k.

Number of Awards: 3-5 STEP 1 awards/annually. 2-3 STEP 2 awards during the second round of calls each year.

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