Prof. Paul Martino at the 2023 Community Welcome.
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During this year’s New Student Orientation Community Welcome, Professor Paul Martino, dean of the Division of Professional Studies, presented on what students can expect during their first semester at Carthage, and shared tips for how students can thrive on campus, both socially and academically.

After his presentation, he issued the inaugural Martino Challenge, in which all new students were invited to take a selfie with Prof. Martino and receive free Carthage swag in return.

The following students participated in the Martino Challenge: Eli Fredrickson ’27, Jalyn Green ’27, Kendle Smith ’27, Olivia Holschuh ’27, Emma Lorenz ’27, Claudia Clare ’27, Maria Romero ’27, Bennett Doebler ’27, Sarah Beck ’27, Maura Walsh ’27, Montana Hipper ’27, Shannon Campione ’27, Victoria Bacon ’27, Sean Maciejewski ’27, Adriana Lee ’27, Cameron Gruenberg ’27, Joshua Martin ’27, Ava Neushwander ’27, Chenyang Li ’24, Jingyi Huo ’24, and Wenwei Li ’24.

See the student selfies below.

Prof. Paul Martino and Eli Fredrickson ?27.

Prof. Paul Martino with Jalyn Green ?27.

Prof. Paul Martino with Kendle Smith ?27 and Olivia Holschuh ?27.

Prof. Paul Martino with Emma Lorenz ?27 and Claudia Clare ?27.

Prof. Paul Martino with Maria Romero ?27 and Bennett Doebler ?27.

Prof. Paul Martino with Sarah Beck ?27 and Maura Walsh ?27.

Montana Hipper ?27

Students take a selfie with Prof. Paul Martino.

Prof. Paul Martino with Adriana Lee ?27 and Cameron Gruenberg ?27

Prof. Paul Martino with Joshua Martin ?27.

Prof. Paul Martino with Ava Neushwander ?27.

A graduate student took a selfie with Paul Martino.

A graduate student taking a selfie with Prof. Paul Martino.

A graduate student taking a photo with Professor Paul Martino.

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