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Megan Christian ?24 Megan Christian ’24
Credit: Discover Wisconsin
This summer, Megan Christian ’24 worked her magic at Discover Wisconsin, turning their social media on its head!

Megan, a communication and public relations double major, has worked for years both in classes and in her own business on perfecting social media content for businesses and individuals. And she did not disappoint at Discover Wisconsin.

In an email, the Discover Wisconsin’s brand manager stated, “With the lead on creative and ideas from Megan…we are seeing great success that is surely beginning to pay off!”

Megan brought the organization on board with TikTok, at first using just b-roll from previous shows and shorts to get them going on that platform, then later creating her own content. By mid-July the numbers were speaking for themselves with rising likes and views. The top-performing video at that time was one that Megan created while doing a shop photoshoot. Discover Wisconsin was new on TikTok, yet this video alone garnered 191.1k views and 23.3k likes only a day after posting.

Megan took her knowledge (including practice she received in public relations classes where she worked for real clients) and applied it to this position at Discover Wisconsin, helping them focus on TikTok, have a strong SEO, produce relatable and sharable content, and maintain consistency in posting. By the end of the summer, the numbers had grown even more, and Megan was offered an internship extension!

From June 19 to Sept. 7, the total followers for Discover Wisconsin had increased from 3,024 to 23,362 (+672%); video views were up by 1.1M; and engagement was up over 1500%.

Follow along with Discover Wisconsin to learn about Wisconsin and to see the work that Megan is doing!

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