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The Carthage Institute of Paleontology (CIP) is proud to report the hire of their new part-time preparator, Andrew Goebel ’21.

Mr. Goebel is a Carthage graduate with a background in classics and archaeology. While at Carthage, he successfully completed the paleontology field course in Montana, and he has returned to help the CIP as a field volunteer in Montana and a volunteer in the CIP lab at the Dinosaur Discovery Museum (DDM)(Kenosha).

“I am very thankful for the opportunity, and it’s nice to look forward to going to work every day,” said Mr. Goebel. “The job is close to my interests, and it is taking me closer to my goals!”

Once hired, Mr. Goebel was put to work on a prize fossil: a Triceratops snout, complete with nose horn and lower jaw! “I find the work on the snout exciting, especially to work on a project this large and with such a charismatic species!”

Andrew Goebel ?21, the CIP's new part-time preparator, working on the field jacket that contains ... Andrew Goebel ’21, the CIP's new part-time preparator, working on the field jacket that contains the snout and lower jaw of a Triceratops that was collected from the “Dawn Site” in southeastern Montana. The fossil was collected from public lands under the auspices of the Bureau of Land Management.
Credit: Megan E. Seitz

Mr. Goebel can be seen by public visitors through the windows that look into the lab, which is part of the CIP’s mission to bring the activities of lab science to the community. “The process of chipping away the rock is meditative and satisfying!”

Mr. Goebel’s position is grant-funded through the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), a division of the Department of the Interior (DOI). Having Mr. Goebel in the lab is emblematic of the close and positive working relationship between the CIP and the BLM, whose shared goal is to conserve the nation’s fossil resources. The DDM is a federal repository where all of the fossils collected by the CIP are stored for conservation, science, and education.

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