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Advising for spring and J-Term will officially begin on Monday, Oct. 9. Below are some activities and resources for supporting our first term of academic advising in Workday.

Finalizing Advisor Assignments

Between now and Oct. 9, the Office of the Registrar will work with the academic departments to finalize advisor assignments. Workday provides department chairs a request form to submit advisor assignments to the Registrar’s Office.

Watch a video about filling out the form

Advising Workshops — Week of Oct. 2

Over the last couple of weeks, we hosted several well-received hands-on advising workshops for about 40 faculty members. The workshops covered the Workday Academic Progress Report, which is the replacement for the degree audit in MyCarthage. For those that have more questions or need additional assistance; please fill out a sign-up form to indicate the time slots in which you’d be available, and we’ll attempt to place you in one of the sessions you select. Please bring your questions and suggestions to share at the sessions.

After the workshops, there will be a sign-up sheet for anyone who needs an individualized appointment for additional assistance in navigating the new advising tools – those of you who can’t attend a workshop but would like assistance are encouraged to contact the Registrar’s Office.

For a quick look at Academic Progress Reports (APRs), you can view an APR overview video and an APR requirements table video. Department chairs are encouraged to watch a video that demonstrates the new process for creating substitutions and waivers for academic requirements.

Registration Hold Hiatus

To help smooth out our first advising period in Workday, there will be a hiatus on registration holds for this registration period.

Student Functionality in Workday

Saved schedules were introduced to students during last spring’s registration period and really helped them have a better registration experience. Students will be able to create saved schedules for this registration period starting Oct. 9 – please encourage them to do so as they leave their advising appointments.

See a video on creating a saved schedule in Workday

Students also now have the ability to request a course section prerequisite override in Workday from their Academics dashboard. They should do this in advance of their registration window so the department chair can approve the request in Workday and the student can successfully register for the course.

See a video on requesting a prerequisite override in Workday

Training Resources

The faculty training resources linked in this Porter Report – and many others – are accessible from the Teaching app in Workday:

Workday Teaching app

On-demand training resources are also available for students on the Workday@Carthage website.

We look forward to helping you and your students through a successful advising and registration period!