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Students sitting outside in the fall. Be prepared to ask your student questions over Thanksgiving recess!

The Aspire Program at Carthage provides a comprehensive four-year career preparation program, which helps students develop a dynamic approach to goal-setting and life skill-building with emphasis on building skills in career development, entrepreneurship, leadership, and creativity. Upon completion, students will receive cords to be worn at Commencement to celebrate their success!

Here are questions to ask your Firebird about their My Aspire Plan (MAP) progress:

  • What professors have you connected with on campus? Do you have a favorite so far?
  • Have you met your Care Team? What kinds of questions have you asked your student success advisor or your career specialist?
  • What events have you gone to on campus? How have you engaged with a club or student organization that’s new to you?
  • How’s your MAP? How many points have you earned? Any good prizes so far?