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Accomplished social entrepreneur, internationally renowned keynote speaker, and best-selling author Liz Bohannon challenged everything we knew about success and passion and taught us the mentalities, mindsets, and principles that will actually launch us out of waiting and into creating while embracing the importance of community.

On Oct. 12, Ms. Bohannon, the owner of Sseko Designs, visited campus and talked about her ethical, sustainable, and fair-trade fashion company that helps women and girls fund their own path to college.

The fireside/podcast style chat — led by Holly Hess, purposeful life and leadership coordinator at Carthage — engaged a large audience of students from various fields of study. She inspired us to think about our intentional communities that we create for ourselves. She inspired us to be open to new opportunities that lead us in the direction to follow our own values and vocation.

Ms. Bohannon’s book, “Beginner’s Pluck,” will be a featured book read later this semester!

Stay tuned for an opportunity for alumni to explore “Beginner’s Pluck!”