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Two spots remain for Cuba Study Tour in J-Term 2014


Jeffrey Roberg

September 10, 2013

Life and Politics: Surviving Socialism and the U.S. Embargo of Cuba
J-Term 2014

This course offers an integrative learning experience where students will be exposed to several disciplinary perspectives from both U.S. and Cuban scholars and will experience the Cuban situation for themselves while exploring the island. Political science professor Jeffrey Roberg, along with psychology and neuroscience professor Penny Seymoure, designed the course to enhance students’ global perspectives by exploring the impact of socialism on Cuba and by exploring differences and similarities between the Cuban and American political and economic systems. Furthermore, students will examine the impact of living under a restrictive political system and a failing economy, with a special emphasis on the biological and psychological consequences of living in this chronically stressful situation.

Estimated cost: $3,200
Contact: Professor Jeffrey Roberg