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All eligible Carthage employees can elect or waive their 2024 healthcare benefits in the Workday system now until Friday, Dec. 1.

Open Enrollment is an annual process that gives employees the opportunity to enroll in new benefit plans or make changes to existing coverage. It is important to note that all employees must elect or waive benefits. Employees who do not have Carthage healthcare or are planning not to elect Carthage healthcare in 2024 must still go through the open enrollment process. Plan choices do not roll forward year to year.

Election instructions:

  • Log into the Workday system (via OneLogin)
  • Check your Workday inbox
  • Click on the Open Enrollment task
  • Click on “get started”
  • Review each box

Learn more about 2024 benefits

Sponsoring Department, Office, or Organization:

Human Resources

For more information, contact:, Lentz Hall 340