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On Feb. 10, Professor Maggie Burk served as guest director for the Kenosha Choral Festival, an annual event that features over 1,000 Kenosha students in grades 5-12.

As director of the festival, Prof. Burk spent three days in Kenosha schools, working with students on music ranging from “Arirang,” a Korean folk song with traditional percussion, to Neal Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline.”

Prof. Maggie Burk conducting at the 57th annual Kenosha Unified Choral Fest. “I was raised in public school music programs, I taught in public schools, and I value deeply the work these Kenosha educators are doing to preserve and ignite passion for choral music in the next generation,” Prof. Burk said. “It is a unique thrill to conduct a choir 1,000 voices strong — particularly a choir of children’s voices. Seeing their faces light up when they feel the power of that moment is a unique privilege.”

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