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Staff Council invites all staff, faculty, and students to nominate an individual for the Distinguished Staff Award.

This annual award is presented to a Carthage staff member who consistently excels in their position, makes outstanding contributions in the area of service and dedication to the Carthage community, promotes teamwork and collaboration across campus, demonstrates humility and integrity, and prioritizes the best interests of our students.

When nominating individuals for this award, please cite examples of exceptional performance from all four of the following categories:


The nominee provides outstanding customer service, whether to students, faculty, parents, co-workers, or community members.


The nominee develops and encourages cooperation and collaboration, while displaying outstanding group effort. The nominee also consistently offers support, assistance, and encouragement to co-workers, often without being asked to do so.


The nominee consistently demonstrates patience, good humor, and enthusiasm while on the job. The nominee also demonstrates excellence in resolving conflicts and/or facing challenges.


The nominee provides prompt, efficient, and reliable service. The nominee is both dependable and trustworthy, and instills in his or her co-workers a sense of responsibility and dedication to the College.

Nominating a staff member

Nominations will be accepted until Friday, April 12. The Staff Council Distinguished Staff Award Sub-Committee will begin review of all nominations shortly after the submission deadline. 

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We encourage all staff, faculty, and students to nominate an individual for this award, which will be presented to the winner at the end of the spring semester.


Carthage employees in staff (non-faculty) positions are eligible for this award with the following exceptions: current Staff Council members, past Staff Council members who served on the council last year, previous Distinguished Staff Award recipients.

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