Carthage?s Alpha Omega chapter members at the 2024 National Pi Sigma Epsilon Convention.
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Eleven Pi Sigma Epsilon (PSE) Alpha Omega members competed in individual competitions at the 2024 National Pi Sigma Epsilon Convention.

Participants included Kylie Norman ’24, Nicole Vydra ’24, Joseph Andreano ’24, Carly McLaughlin ’24, Andrew Kirchhoff ’25, Brian Mork ’25, Austin Longmire ’25, Rebecca Mann ’25, Bailey Dobbratz ’26, Abigail Vagnoni ’26, and Alex McCarthy ’27.

Each student had the ability to compete in individual competitions to receive recognition for their personal and professional achievements, receive grants and scholarships, and practice their business skills. See competition winners below.

Kylie Norman ?24, Brian Mork ?25, and Rebecca Mann ?25. Kylie Norman ’24, Brian Mork ’25, and Rebecca Mann ’25.

Interview Competition
Bailey Dobbratz, Abigail Vagnoni, Alex McCarthy, and Rebecca Mann competed in the Interview Competition, which gives students the opportunity to compete against one another while practicing their interview skills. Alpha Omega is pleased to announce that Rebecca Mann placed in the top 25 finalists.

National Education Foundation (NEF) Scholarship
Nicole Vydra, Brian Mork, Abigail Vagnoni, and Rebecca Mann competed in the National Scholarship Interview Competition. This competition allows students to interview to be awarded a scholarship that fits that individual the best. Brian Mork received the Southwestern Advantage Scholarship, which recognizes a student who sets themselves apart from the competition with a positive attitude for the future of younger generations.

Sales and Marketing Education Fund (SMEF)
Carly McLaughlin, Austin Longmire, and Joseph Andreano were awarded as recipients of the SMEF of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and the PSE National Education Foundation Scholarship. This scholarship recognizes outstanding PSE participants who are members of Wisconsin-based chapters.

Future Leader Award
Abigail Vagnoni and Rebecca Mann competed for the Future Leader Award, which recognizes a freshman or sophomore who demonstrates servant leadership qualities within their chapter while also recognizing their attendance at national and regional conventions. Rebecca Mann was awarded a 2024 Future Leader Award.

Pro-Am Sell-A-Thon National Sales Competition
Andrew Kirchhoff, Joseph Andreano, Austin Longmire, and Bailey Dobbratz competed in the Pro-Am Sell-A-Thon National Sales Competition. This year-long competition is to train and develop students in all aspects of the sales process, not just in preparing them to make one sales call. The year-long approach also emphasizes that pursuing sales excellence is a journey, not a destination.

Mets Sports Selling Competition
Brian Mork, Austin Longmire, Joseph Andreano, and Andrew Kirchhoff competed in the Mets Sports Selling Competition. This competition allows students to simulate the sports sales process before a panel of judges. This allows students to prepare for real sports selling experience.

Perfect Attendance Award
Carly McLaughlin received a Perfect Attendance Award. This award was presented to seniors who have attended a Pi Sigma Epsilon National Convention all four years of their collegiate career.

Presidential Award For Special Merit: Interchapter Development
Tyler Miller ’25 received the Presidential Award For Special Merit: Interchapter Development. This was awarded to a student who demonstrated efforts to improve chapter operations with connections with other PSE chapters.

Alpha Omega is extremely proud of all 11 members for their efforts and achievements at the national convention. As Alpha Omega competed against some of the biggest schools and brightest students in the nation, these accomplishments are a tremendous win for these students. Alpha Omega also competed in the most competitions in the chapter’s history during the 2024 convention.

Congratulations to all 11 of the Alpha Omega members for their outstanding performance and presentation of the Carthage chapter.

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