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Students who are graduating during the 2024-25 academic year can begin applying for graduation in Workday.

Steps to apply for program completion during onboarding

  1. Open Workday via OneLogin and open your inbox in the top right to begin the onboarding process. As you complete onboarding, you will be prompted to “Apply for Program Completion.”
  2. Confirm your name and address.
  3. Check the “RSVP for Commencement” box if you plan to participate.
  4. Select the checkbox next to your primary program of study. You do not need to select the checkbox next to any other programs of study. All other declared programs will be bundled with your primary program as part of your submitted application. 
  5. Enter the “Expected Completion Date” associated with your intended graduation term:
    • Fall 2024 — Dec. 13, 2024
    • J-Term 2025 — Jan. 30, 2025
    • Spring 2025 — May 24, 2025
    • Summer 2025 — Aug. 26, 2025

Note: You only need to update the expected completion date for your first program of study. The rest of the fields will autopopulate with the same date. Click the “Confirm” box, followed by the “Submit” button.

Sponsoring Department, Office, or Organization:

Office of the Registrar

For more information, contact: