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The Health and Counseling Center is proud to announce that student Gabriella Tanguay ’24 and Taylor Wieringa, residential life area coordinator, are the winners of the 2023-24 Mental Health Advocate Award.

This award is presented annually to members of the Carthage community who exemplify advocacy for Carthage student mental health. Advocacy is defined as behavior that is taken to address systemic barriers facing students individually, in groups, or as a whole population (ACA Advocacy Competencies, 2018). 

Both Gabriella and Taylor received nominations illustrating work they do with individuals and groups in terms of increasing student connection to mental health resources, increasing knowledge about mental health, and reducing stigma. 

The Health and Counseling Center received several nominations for this year’s Mental Health Advocate Award. We want to thank the entire campus community for advocating for mental health!

Sponsoring Department, Office, or Organization:

Health and Counseling Center

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