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Rather than an individual honoree, the Quality of Life Committee presented its 2023-24 Person of the Year Award to the team of faculty members who have selflessly overseen the Carthage Noyce Scholarship Program since 2017.

The annual award was announced at a year-end reception on May 8.

Led by physics and astronomy professor Julie Dahlstrom, the Noyce directors also include professors Christine Blaine (chemistry), Andrea Henle (biology), Karin Sconzert (education), and Aaron Trautwein (mathematics).

This award honors employees who have enhanced the quality of life, brought people together for a common purpose, highlighted an overlooked aspect of the College’s work, and underscored the best parts of the Carthage community.

Presenter Deanna Byrnes, dean for the Division of Natural and Social Sciences, noted the extra effort these faculty members put in to build a “multilayered, multigenerational, multidisciplinary community.”

Funded by a National Science Foundation grant to help address a shortage of middle and high school STEM teachers, Carthage recruited nearly two dozen Noyce scholars.