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For the second time this week, Google has issued an immediate update to patch Chrome web browsers for security issues. We ask that everyone check and update their Google Chrome browser immediately. Follow the steps below; it takes only a moment to complete.

  1. Open Chrome — look to the top right corner of your screen for three vertical dots and click there.
  2. A drop-down menu will open. Float your mouse pointer over “Help” near the bottom of that menu to expand it and click “About Google Chrome.
  3. You will then see Chrome check for updates and install any updates available. It will relaunch Chrome, but all windows will be restored. 

A reminder reboot: This is a good reason to reboot regularly. Google Chrome will update each time your computer is rebooted and Chrome is opened. This is a best practice as Chrome is only one of many updates that are automatic but require a reboot to complete.  

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