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Athletic absence notification process has changed

  • Tarble Arena
    Tarble Arena
September 12, 2013

The process of notifying faculty about student absences due to athletic events has changed.

In the past, coaches sent emails to all faculty members with the names of the people who were traveling or otherwise absent for team activities. Faculty members then were responsible for checking class lists to determine if the named students were in their classes during the listed times. The new system delivers targeted emails only to the instructors who have those students in courses during the specific times of the team activities.

For example, if the women’s golf team is leaving on a Thursday at 1 p.m. for a competition, the new system uses the enrollment information to look up which students are on the women’s golf team and what classes those students have on Thursday afternoons. The system will send an email only to the instructors of the affected courses.

The LIS team is still working out the finer points of these communications, since the entire team often does not travel. The computer system that generates the emails currently has no way to track which members of the team are involved in individual events. Your patience and flexibility are greatly appreciated while LIS works to make the system as accurate at it can be.

We hope the targeted emails will alleviate some of the frustration surrounding the previous general emails. Soon, the messages will be sent out by Sara Meyer (women’s soccer head coach) on behalf of the specific coaches.

As always, student athletes are responsible for working with their instructors to make up missed work. If you have questions about specific team travel or absences, please contact the coach or the Athletic Department.