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12 Ways to Make Friends in College

May 05, 2015

At Carthage, the next four years offer the potential to turn all of the new faces you see into new relationships. So how exactly do you make those lifelong friends everybody’s always talking about? Here’s what Carthage students and graduates had to say:

1. Room with somebody you don’t know.

“I met my roommate on the Carthage Facebook page for new students and we decided to live together. We had the same living habits and interests so we thought we would give it a try, and it turned out to be the best thing possible. We are now best friends and do everything together, which has really helped the transition into college. I would advise rooming with someone you do not already know. It will give you a chance to experience someone new and go out of your comfort zone.” — Bryanna Horn ’18

2. Go to the organization fair.

“As the year has gone on, I’ve gone from having a small group of four friends to a small army of 20 that I see every day. I was very nervous about how I would find any friends when I came to Carthage, but it just sort of happened. I met one of my best friends at the organization fair, and while there, I heard of Wave Radio, met more people at the first meeting, and things snowballed from there. Not only did the org fair allow me to meet new people, it also allowed me to explore my interests.” — John Archer ’18

3. Get to know people in your classes.

“I made a lot of friends through clubs, but I actually made my best friends in my classes. After working on a group project with kids in my Spanish class, we decided to get lunch one day and now we hang out all the time. That is one great thing about having small class sizes. It’s very easy to make lasting friendships.” — Samantha Johnson ’18

4. Join Residence Life.

“The most important and meaningful relationships I have had are with the staff members and residents I worked with as an RA and AHD. These are the people I see the most often throughout the year, and what we go through together really brings us close together. I met two of my best friends while on staff together. It was an amazing experience getting to work with these wonderful people. These relationships that I have made will last forever, not only as friendships that they are now, but because of the impact they have had in my life. ” — Hayley Walbeck ’15

5. Go to CAB events.

“Go to the CAB events that Carthage has to offer, especially in the first few weeks of school. Everybody will be at those events and it will be simple to find a group of friends to talk to. Don’t be afraid to say hi to someone. Trust me, everyone wants to make a new friend just as badly as you want to.” — Justice Good ’18

6. Join a club on campus.

“Whenever I heard of an opportunity to get involved with an organization, I accepted to make friends and help out the Carthage community. Getting involved in different clubs is very important because through them, you begin to feel comfortable with the people around you and the campus. I got involved with Pep Band, which was my favorite part about freshman year. Being able to attend sporting events at Carthage is so much fun!” — Graham Westley ’18

7. Keep in touch with peers you meet during orientation.

“I made a lot of friends orientation weekend, just by introducing myself to people. Everyone was looking to make friends, and it didn’t take long. You meet people through other people.” — Ashley Cross ’18

8. Talk to people in your residence hall.

“I had always been told that I would find some of my best friends within my own residence hall and that could not have been truer. I was introduced to the majority of my close friends in Denhart Hall. I strengthened these friendships over the course of my first year by regularly attending Residence Life Council meetings, hanging out in the basement, and playing volleyball in the courtyard. Friends are everywhere at Carthage, and they’re just a text message or short walk away. It’s those late night walks along the beach or to the lighthouse with friends; it’s those summer nights going downtown or playing volleyball at Somer’s; those are the things I am going to miss. The people, the experiences, and the memories are why I am ever indebted to Carthage.” — Cody Houzenga ’15

9. Go on a J-Term study tour.

“My most meaningful friendships have come from making it through new and challenging experiences with other people. I made 21 friends on my J-Term trip sophomore year by getting to know all of my classmates while traveling in a new place. The great part is, you become friends with all of your friends’ friends, and pretty soon you feel like you know everyone on campus.” — Dana Ehrmann ’15 

10. Join Greek Life.

“The minute I could sign up for spring recruitment, I did. Being a freshman and having to wait to go through this process was slightly disappointing, but I went through recruitment and gained a huge group of friends from the process alone. My new group of friends are the girls in my chapter.” — Megan Marfilius ’18

11. Get an on campus job.

“Something that helped me meet people right away was getting an on campus job. I work in the Office of Student Life, which helped me to meet many people and work with other students.” — Bryanna Horn ’18

12. Dare to reach out.

“I have finally discovered the truth behind ‘it’s the little things that count.’ So many of my friendships have started simply because someone dared to reach out to me, or because I dared to reach out to them in some small way. Because of Carthage, I can move forward in the world knowing how to establish quality relationships with others, and how to maintain give and take within my relationships.” — Darien Jefferson ’15