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2014 Study Tours still available. Act now!


David Steege

September 20, 2013

Still interested in going on a Study Tour? Several study tour courses have spaces left. Please contact the faculty member leading the study tour as soon as possible; they’ll need to have their rosters set by Oct. 1. The study tour courses will run in January unless otherwise noted. All of them count as J-Term courses, whether running in January or June.

2014 Study Tours still available:

  • Biodiversity, Brains and Behavior in Costa Rica (JUNE); Scott Hegrenes and Daniel Miller

  • Biology and Geography of Nicaragua (JUNE only); Patrick Pfaffle and Matt Zorn

  • Economic and Business Environment of Southern Africa; Yuri Maltsev and Alex Tiahnybok

  • Economic and Business Environment of Ukraine and Black Sea Rim (JUNE)

  • Exploring China: Cultural Traditions and Modern Society (JUNE); Wenjie Sun and Yan Wang

  • Filming Culture: Explorations Beyond Tourism in the Dominican Republic; Matt Borden and Paul Chilsen

  • International Business Marketing and Cultural Analysis of Sweden; J.J. Shields

  • Jewish Faith and Culture in Krakow Poland (JUNE); Sandie Bisciglia and Rom Maczka

  •  Life and Politics: Surviving Socialism and the US Embargo in Cuba; Jeff Roberg and Penny Seymoure

  • New York City: A Slice of Cultural Cheesecake (JUNE); Herschel Kruger and Maureen Chavez-Kruger

  • Senegal: Exploring the Roots of African American Religion: Islam; David Musa and Danielle Geary

  • Sustainable and Unsustainable Development in Rural Guatemala; Ed Montanaro and Tim Eckert

You can find descriptions of the Study Tours at