Elodie Senetra

Class Year



Palatine, Ill.


Theatre Performance

Elodie Senetra chose to major in theater performance, because she has a desire to portray different characters from real life.

“I’ve always been curious about other people so I love the challenge and excitement that comes with portraying different characters,” she said. “Finding similarities between those characters and myself is always fun, and living in the moment on stage is a wonderful release from my own life.”

Elodie values her classes at Carthage, which allow her to learn what she wants to learn.

“I want to broaden my vocal and physical capabilities in preparation for Graduate School with a specialization in Performance of Classical Text,” she said.

“The biggest and most rewarding surprise I have found at Carthage has been the educational interaction with professional theatre artists.”

Elodie Senetra, ’13

Career goal

“I hope to continue training at Shakespeare’s Globe in their International Actors Fellowship. After that, I hope to go to Graduate School for Performance in Classical Text.”

How have Carthage faculty had an impact on your life or Carthage career?

“Laura Gordon. She is a Shakespeare guru and the most lovely teacher.”

Favorite class

“I took an economics and history J-Term course where I studied abroad in Guatemala. Experiencing a new country with people I didn’t know was completely enlivening and the best life choice I have made. The professors were brilliant, and the trip was loads of fun, on top of Mayan temples and volcanoes!”

Toughest class

“I would say Directing with Hershel Kruger. That was a wonderfully challenging class that taught me the importance of collaboration within the director’s role. I had never tried my hand as a director within the theatre before, so I was quite intimidated but grew more comfortable after our first scene presentation and ultimately learned to trust my artistic instincts.”

Favorite moments and memories at Carthage

“The day I met my roommate, Shannon Fox. She would hate me for writing this, but she is my morning glory.”

Favorite spot on campus

“There is this adorable table next to the fireplace in Einstein’s. It’s cozy, quaint, so warm and lovely, especially with a hazelnut coffee in your hands.”

Biggest surprise so far

“The biggest and most rewarding surprise I have found at Carthage has been the educational interaction with professional theatre artists who are currently leading and shaping the theatre stages I hope to work on one day.”