Katherine Ramirez

Class Year



Darien, Ill.


Studio Art, Graphic Design


Communication, Art History, Photography

During her college search, Katie Ramirez visited large schools like Purdue and Michigan State, but she knew that Carthage was right for her. The small class sizes, proximity to Chicago and scholarship opportunities won her over.

“Carthage is only an hour away from Chicago, my favorite city in the U.S., and the lake view from the dorm room is awesome,” she said. “The Art Department offers scholarships for art majors and minors, which I took advantage of.”

Katie’s love for art is in her blood; her uncle is a well-known artist in Chicago who currently has artwork showing in McCormick Place. She has been enrolling in art classes since elementary school, and she chose it as a major because she wanted to do something she would enjoy for the rest of her life.

She said the Art Department professors are one of its biggest assets; they have a wide variety of experience and techniques. “If a student takes a painting class, they have the option of acrylic, oil or watercolor; and that’s just one class,” she said.

She also appreciates the travel opportunities offered through J-Term. In 2010, Katie went to Namibia with art history professor  Anne Cassidy  and music professor Peter Dennee. “It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” Katie says. “Not only did we see elephants and zebras, but we also saw rock carvings that are 30,000 years old. If I had the chance, I would go back in a heart beat.”

Katie is also a member of the Carthage Women’s Golf team and Kappa Pi, the honorary art fraternity, for which she is president this year. She is looking forward to the all-student art show that Kappa Pi exhibits during the Carthage Christmas Festival.

“Christmas Festival is an exciting time because we show off work from the entire student body, not just art majors and minors,” Katie said. “It’s great to see how art can be done by anyone.”

“It does not matter how much talent you have in art, everyone is an artist.”

Katherine Ramirez, ’11

Career goal

To work as a graphic artist and continue to sell and exhibit her own artwork on the side.

Favorite class

“Darkroom Photography with Prof. Maria Huebner. I have always enjoyed digital photography, but film photography is completely different. It’s like magic when you develop the photos in the chemicals. She really pushed us to take picture of people in different ways, and I learned a lot of tricks to manipulate images without using Photoshop.”

Toughest class

“Ceramic Wheel-Throwing. I’m a 2D artist and I always wanted to throw a pot out on the wheel, but when I first tried, it was a lot harder than I thought it would be.”

Favorite spot on campus

“The lakefront, because it’s scenic and changes a lot for something that never moves. My freshman year, there was a double rainbow that crossed over the lake. The best time is at night when the moon is rising over the horizon so you can see the reflection in the water. It’s very photographic and I have several pictures of it.”

Biggest surprise so far

“Four years have already gone by and I am a senior. That was way too fast.”

Why should other students consider your major? What advice do you have for them?

“It does not matter how much talent you have in art, everyone is an artist. As long as you put effort and time into a piece, the message will come out in the end.”