Kate Vieyra

Class Year





Data Science

“I am happy to say that every faculty member that I have come across with at Carthage was very helpful, knowledgeable, and supportive.”

Kate Vieyra, ’22

Career goal

“After college, my goal would be to enter into the professional workforce and impress my managers with all of the technical and soft skills I was able to obtain while attending Carthage College. I would like to start off my career working in digital marketing and social media marketing. I have found enjoyment in creating content and analyzing data throughout the several internships I was able to obtain in this space with the help of The Aspire Center. Down the line of my career, I would love to transition into a management role; I have always seen myself as a leader, I enjoy coaching and helping others succeed, and I have noticed that I have found myself stepping up and taking the initiative to do so in my previous part-time roles.”

How have Carthage faculty had an impact on your life or Carthage career?

“I am happy to say that every faculty member that I have come across at Carthage was very helpful, knowledgeable, and supportive. I enjoyed my time with Professor Annette Duncan, Professor Tom Groleau, and Professor Gregory Barron. Profs. Groleau and Barron teach in the Management and Marketing Department and have gone above and beyond with not only helping me but also my classmates inside and outside of class on the material. They’ve also provided us with post-graduation advice that I know will help set us apart among other young business professionals.

“Prof. Duncan taught my Western Heritage I and Western Heritage II courses. She helped me improve my writing skills and her courses were always very insightful with different perspectives ranging from personal and professional experiences.”

Favorite class

“I have two favorite courses that I’ve taken at Carthage. The first is Business Policies Senior Seminar, better known as Senior Thesis for Marketing. I loved this course because I was able to focus on a topic that I was extremely passionate about which was digital marketing. My topic was “Boosting a Brand’s Relevance with Digital Marketing Strategies. An Analysis on Tech Leader “Apple Inc”.” I learned so much on the topics of search engine optimization, digital advertising, and social media. Shout out to Professor Gregory Barron who was extremely supportive and helpful throughout this course. Prof. Gregory Barron is by far the most passionate and energetic person I’ve met at Carthage!

“My second favorite is Business to Business Marketing and Sales. This class allowed me to take everything I have learned from all of my business courses and write a business plan along with my team on our very own Business to Business Distributorship. In this course, I was able to collaborate on the creation of a style guide, logo, business cards, product brochure/pricing sheet, social media campaign, and digital marketing campaign.”

Campus involvement

Zion, IL

Internships or on-campus employment

“I am grateful to have had the opportunity to intern every year that I have been at Carthage, thanks to Carolyn Serdar from The Aspire Center, for helping me with resume building and interview advice my freshman year. I still use the advice she has given me to this day and I strongly encourage all students to start having meetings with their career specialist from their first year because it will definitely open up many opportunities for them.

“I have been able to obtain six internships total. My internships range from working in promotions at Lake County’s 102.3 XLC radio station, community outreach at HACES, finance and administration at the Waukegan Park District, social media marketing at Kelsey Fogel Events and Consulting, sales at CDW, and web communications at Carthage College.”

Favorite spot on campus