Claire Goulson

Class Year



Minnetonka, Minn.


Art History


Women’s and Gender Studies

Everything clicked into place for Claire Goulson ’15 when she was studying European history in high school. “I was the only person who enjoyed the days where we had to discuss the art of a period,” she said. “I realized then that studying art history might be a good fit.” 

Claire is now an art history major at Carthage, with a minor in women’s and gender studies. “I love how history can be recorded visually and how much we can learn about a place or a person by looking at an artwork,” she said. “I love how powerful art can be, and how it can tell a story and resonate with people.”  

She found herself falling in love with Carthage after touring the College and talking with current students.

“I wanted to go to a small liberal arts school because I enjoy having a close relationship with my professors,” she said. “We have world-class professors who are extremely intelligent and able to offer a wide variety of classes that cover a range of topics.” 

After graduation Claire hopes to work in an art museum in a family programs department. “I love my major and I love working with children, so this is a great way to combine my passions.”

“I love how history can be recorded visually and how much we can learn about a place or a person by looking at an artwork.”

Claire Goulson, ’15

How have Carthage faculty had an impact on your life or Carthage career?

“I honestly don’t know if I could pick a favorite! As cheesy as it sounds, I have had great experiences with all of my professors here, and they each have taught me many different and valuable lessons.”

Favorite class

“My favorite course would have to be the Carthage Symposium I took as a freshman. It was called Women in the Visual and Literary Arts, and was taught by Prof. Hudson and Prof. Smiley. I don’t know if I will ever find a course more tailored to my three interests. This class opened my eyes to so many women whom I had never even heard of, and it helped me realize that it is important to learn about all of the awesome women who have contributed to our visual history.”

Campus involvement

“I am involved in Circle K, and I am a fellow at the Writing Center.”

Toughest class

“I fulfilled my math credit last semester. That was definitely my hardest class. I am terrible with numbers.”

Favorite moments and memories at Carthage

“A few weeks back, we got a ton of snow, and it was perfect for making snowballs, snowmen, and forts. My friends and I went out after we had finished homework that night and played in it for a few hours. It was like being a little kid again.”

Favorite spot on campus

“I don’t go to the library as often as I should, but when I do, I head straight to the basement. I always know I can be productive down there and get a lot accomplished.”

Biggest surprise so far

“Everyone holds the door open for each other. When I was visiting as a high school student, I thought everyone was doing it because they could tell I was younger and they were doing it to be nice. But now that I am a student, I realize that is just how people are.”

Why should other students consider your major? What advice do you have for them?

“Don’t be afraid to take an art history class that is outside your realm of interest. I am currently taking Arts of Africa, and although I still prefer Western Art, it is important to learn about global art as well, because it allows you to have a more comprehensive understanding of all art history.”