Mark Hoover

Class Year





Computer Science

Raised in a computer-oriented family — his mom works for the IT department of a mortgage company and his dad is a network administrator — Mark Hoover knew computers were in his blood.

“That early exposure to technology is probably what piqued my early interest in computer science,” he said. “I took a class my senior year of high school that introduced me to programming and really made me want to go into computer science at Carthage”

Carthage’s Computer Science Department offers introductory courses that “do a great job of teaching the somewhat daunting task of programming a computer,” he said. “Even students with no prior experience can become excellent programmers very swiftly.”

The department’s diversity of courses was another huge draw for Mark.

“There’s something for everyone, and the wide array of topics keeps programming from getting stale in the later years of the sequence.”

While at Carthage, Mark worked as a tutor for the CS department. “Being able to help others learn material I had previously studied was a very good way to keep the material fresh in my own mind, as well as deepen my understanding of it.

“There’s something for everyone, and the wide array of topics keeps programming from getting stale in the later years of the sequence.”

Mark Hoover, ’10

Career goal

“Either programming or doing database design/maintenance for a corporate firm. My exact goals are still unclear, but being able to creatively solve problems on the job is important to me.”

How have Carthage faculty had an impact on your life or Carthage career?

“While all of the professors I’ve dealt with have been helpful and interesting, Mark Mahoney is my favorite in the department. His teaching style meshes with my learning style the best, and his experiences in the field before coming to Carthage are most in line with what I would want to go on to do.”

Favorite class

“A J-Term course titled Agile Software Development was my favorite class. Unlike a lot of courses in the CS curriculum, this unique offering had all the students in the class operating as one development team, much as it would be in a work environment. Dividing up tasks, working toward a very large goal, and learning to write code as a unit were enjoyable experiences.”

Toughest class

“This is a tie between Networking and Telecommunications, and Computer Organization. These two classes dealt more with the hardware aspect of computer science, and I prefer the software side by a very wide margin.”

Favorite moments and memories at Carthage

“The concerts that Carthage brings in are always a blast, and I get involved with as many intramural sports as possible. I also write for The Current, which is a good diversion from my regular schoolwork.”

Favorite spot on campus

“In all honesty, my dorm room. Whether it’s to study or hang out with my friends, nothing beats the comfort of my own space.”