Several countries in South America have marketed their scenic natural and manmade beauties as a means of gaining tourist dollars. This course explores the integrated topics of eco- and ethno-tourism in northern, southern, eastern, and central Peru and the situation of women from the ancient Inca civilization to the present. Specifically, the study tour includes visits to the ancient Inca capital of Cuzco and the surrounding Sacred Valley, along with Machu Picchu.

Carthage offers a J-Term study tour to Peru. These World UNESCO sites, as well as others, draw millions of visitors a year. During the study tour, students will have the opportunity to examine the effects of tourism on multiple cultures within one country. Furthermore, this study tour will provide an excellent opportunity to understand the contribution of women to Peruvian society.

Ultimately this study tour will serve as an opportunity for students to examine how being “the other” may permanently change themselves, their view of different peoples and cultures, and provide a basis for them to understand their role as a global citizen.
Carthage Symposium and Global Heritage

Course code and title

WMG/POL/MLA 675: The Role of Tourism and its Effect on Women and the Environment in Peru




Prof. Maribel Morales (modern languages)
Prof. Jeffrey Roberg (political science)

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Jan. 11-26, 2022

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