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Students scuba diving in Honduras for J-Term. This study tour offers adventurous students the opportunity to study the ecology of a Caribbean coral reef ecosystem, learn about the evolution of nervous systems and behavior, and study Honduran culture. The course is led by neuroscience professor Daniel Miller and biology professor Paul Martino. Students can become scuba certified or snorkel. Students learn about unique aspects of tropical coral reef ecosystems, and the taxonomy and neurobiology of marine life from invertebrates to humans. Students also experience a variety of sociological and cultural settings in Honduras, including the Caribbean island of Roatan and the mountainous western region of Copan. A highlight of the terrestrial adventure includes an archaeological tour of the Mayan ruins at Copan.
C-SYM; satisfies Natural Sciences SCI requirement; an elective for biology or neuroscience majors

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NEU/BIO 675A: Biodiversity, Brains, and Behavior




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Jan. 14-24, 2023

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