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A group of students in front of a monastery in Asia. This travel course will examine the historical role of biodiversity and the environment in the development of Singapore. Biodiversity was crucial to Singapore’s development as a source of raw materials and its development as a state. In contemporary Singapore, that original relationship has changed. This class will examine both the past as well as the contemporary interplay between these forces.

Singapore has developed, during the modern period, in relation to its location. It had something to offer colonial powers because of its particular location. What it had to offer varied according to the colonizer and the historical period.

Biodiversity and conservation were often overlooked in Singapore in favor of rapid urbanization. Presently, in the context of the modern environmental movement, biodiversity has come to play a very different role in the region’s developmental process. This course will look at the historical progression of these changes over time. Naturally, cultural attitudes concerning the relationship between humans and the environment will be examined as well.

ITL or SE (for students entering Carthage in 2022), and NLAB or HUM (for students who entered Carthage prior to fall 2022)

Course code and title

ASN/BIO 6750: Rooted in Place: History, Biodiversity, and Environment in Southeast Asia


Singapore (There may be a possibility for an optional add-on to Taiwan if quarantine restrictions are eased. The add-on would be at an additional cost.)

Estimated travel dates

Jan. 16-28, 2023 (tentative based on flight availability)

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