Andrew Nimmer

Andrew Nimmer

Class Year


Current home

Tokyo, Japan



Current Position

Senior Consultant for SoftSource K.K. in Japan

Former Mizuno intern Andy Nimmer ’01 spent the summer of 1998 working for Mizuno Sports in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan. By drafting reports and proposals in Japanese and creating displays for exhibitions and trade shows, he learned how another culture conducts business. During his junior year, Mr. Nimmer studied abroad at Tokyo Gakugei University.

After graduating with a degree in Japanese, he worked as a Customer Service Representative for Japan Airlines at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. Today, Mr. Nimmer works as a Senior Consultant for SoftSource K.K. in Japan where his role is developing client partners and sourcing for companies whose products and solutions are delivered via the Internet.

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“Not everything you learn comes from the textbook. Most of what you learn comes from your experience and encounters along the way. The whole college experience is a learning process. Open yourself up to the world of opportunity.”

Andrew Nimmer, ’01