Darrell Ballinger ?06

Darrell Ballinger

Class Year


Current home

Huber Heights, Ohio



Current Position

Podiatrist, Owner of Advantage Podiatry

Darrell Ballinger graduated from Carthage in 2006 with a degree in biology. Dr. Ballinger is now a podiatrist and owns his own medical practice in Ohio. He was the recipient of the Rudd Scholarship, one of Carthage’s presidential scholarships. This full-tuition scholarship allowed him to pursue many different clubs and activities, which he believes made him a better father, husband, and physician. 

During his years at Carthage, Dr. Ballinger participated in the SURE program, through which students spend a summer doing research with Carthage faculty. Dr. Ballinger spent the summer of his junior year working in Mexican hospitals.

He credits Carthage’s professors and coaches for his success in reaching his professional and personal goals. 

Carthage’s mission of ‘Inspiring Service’ is the value I pride most,” he said. “My time is valuable, but I make time for Carthage to ensure someone who may be on the edge of success or failure can be tipped over to the side of success. Ultimately, if we do not give back, we fail to ‘be good people’ and ‘get better every day,’ which are values instilled in me by my Carthage soccer coach, Steve Domin.”


“Find a mentor and stick with that person. Once you have someone who gives you a positive bend toward life, you tend to give back more and be a better person.”

Darrell Ballinger, ’06

What have you enjoyed most about your career?

“I love being able to assist my patients in diminishing their pain and making better health decisions to improve their lives.”

How did Carthage prepare you?

“[Carthage biology professors] Elaine Radwanski and Patrick Pfaffle were instrumental in helping me accomplish my goals of flourishing as a student at Carthage and getting into podiatry school.”

His time on Carthage’s soccer team was also impactful.

I feel that being on the Carthage soccer team all four years allowed me to manage expectations of highs and lows in life,” Dr. Ballinger said. “Learning how to manage emotions associated with wins and losses, while also managing multiple classes and clubs was a skill I perfected at Carthage. I still use those skills to manage emotions connected to surgeries that do well and some that have complications. I do this all while managing to be a father, husband, surgeon, and business owner. Carthage gave me a great start to my adult life.”

How has your liberal arts education benefitted you?

“I remember having a soccer game the night before an exam in anatomy with Professor Thomas Carr. I had to prepare for the soccer game, prepare for the exam, and then I had a six-hour drive to Des Moines, Iowa, for an interview at a podiatric medical school. I had to plan for the physicality of the game, transition to final prep for an anatomy exam, then mentally prepare for a three-hour interview for a podiatry school position,” he recalled.

“Time-management and emotion-management were key to getting my goals accomplished. We tied the game, I passed my exam, and I was accepted to the school. I met my goals.”

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