Owen Myers ?18

Owen Myers

Class Year


Current home

Milwaukee, Wis.


Political Science, International Political Economy

Current Position

Polaris District Executive at Boy Scouts of America

Graduating from Carthage in 2018 with degrees in political science and international political economy, Owen Myers is a District Executive with the Boy Scouts of America in Milwaukee Wis. As a district executive, Mr. Myers supports scout volunteers serving the area’s youth. His responsibilities include fundraising to support operations and activities, recruiting new youth and volunteers, and offering unit support to enhance organizational structures to ensure a strong leadership development model. 

A cum laude graduate, Mr. Myers received the Ruud Academic Excellence Presidential Scholarship all four years he attended Carthage and received honors in political science.

“Professors are the best and most unique part of Carthage. Their experiences, connections, and stories allow students to engage with materials and careers early in their undergraduate journey.”

Owen Myers, ’18

What have you enjoyed most about your career?

“Scouting is delivered by people who care deeply for the well-being of their community and youth. Hailing from all different backgrounds and professions, scouting brings people together while instilling values, ethics, and leadership in young people.”

How did Carthage prepare you?

“Professors are the best and most unique part of Carthage. Their experiences, connections, and stories allow students to engage with materials and careers early in their undergraduate journey. Professor Art Cyr helped me keep my enthusiasm for learning bright during trying times at school. Professor Jeffrey Roberg tested and strengthened my academic abilities during every one of his classes, especially my thesis, while helping me achieve a goal of interning in Washington, D.C. Professor Colleen O’Brien reaffirmed my desire to rise to leadership roles and take risks for those you lead. Every professor that I had during Carthage helped make it a more unique experience and taught me a great deal about life.”

How has your liberal arts education benefitted you?

“A key component of a liberal arts education is the diversity of opinions and methodology. Whether it be Carthage’s emphasis on experiential learning, in-class participation, campus involvement, or being a student representative for campus committees, you will find an opportunity to encounter various perspectives and to learn from other students. In every position I have held in scouting and the army, this ability to constructively engage in debate in a variety of settings is crucial to both success and standing out.”


What's your favorite Carthage memory?

“Some of my favorite memories of Carthage were not necessarily on campus. Watching sunsets on a beach in Guatemala, climbing up and down Machu Picchu with best friends, dinner on a hotel roof in Havana, and other breath-taking memories from J-Term bewilder me. The culture of risk-taking and adventure-seeking that Carthage provides allows passions to become reality and imagination to become memory.”

Tips for current Carthage students?

“Make the most of it. Cliché? Yes, but true. Taking risks, exploring unknowns, doing as many of the little and big things as you can all contribute to lasting memories that brighten your experiences at Carthage while uncovering opportunities leading toward the future. College is a time of discovery and Carthage provides boundless possibilities to learn, try, and do new things that will set you apart in the ‘real’ world. Before starting your career, make sure to enjoy the little moments with friends and mentors in your brief home-away-from-home.”

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